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Remote diagnostics from home – fast and secure

COVID-19 is a global pandemic – as the WHO has declared. As the number of infections increases every day, teleradiology gains importance due to quarantine measures. In case radiologists cannot come to their workplace or the risk of infection in hospitals is too high for the staff, the world´s only portable diagnostic workstation MED-TAB incl. PORT-RAY can help for FDA/CE mark cleared remote emergency diagnostics.

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Emergency Imaging reading in case of overload of reading capacity

Are your radiological capacities on site exhausted? Remote diagnosis can also help here. We offer two ways: Either you send your studies to another entity, while using iQ-ROUTER for connecting. These using CE/FDA cleared high efficiency medical image data compression, encryption and authentication. Or make your data available for reporting by storing them in a secure cloud – our iQ-4CLOUD solution offers offsite storage of DICOM data with access from anywhere.

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AI support in the fight against coronavirus

We have taken up the challenge to disable the coronavirus with AI. To provide solutions to diagnose quickly and monitor coronavirus patients, we work on an AI algorithm for reading our chest CT scans. To increase its sensitivity and specificity of the patterns, as many comparative images as possible have to be made available to the system.

Help save lives in the current pandemic and share with us your anonymized COVID-19 cases by using our iQ-WEB UPLOADER. Provide us with more than 10 proven studies and you’ll receive a complimentary iQ-4CLOUD BASIC SELECT 250 account for one year and benefit from our AI detection software once fully operational.


We offer AI against COVID-19,
we look for chest CT scans!

CT scans are complimentary for sensitive COVID-19 detection and important for disease monitoring.
What would you say if:


COVID-19 infections could be automatically detected with even higher sensitivity?


The extent of disease could be automatically quantified and monitored?


Short-term and long-term prognosis could be automatically provided?

IMAGE and partners work on automated tools
to make this happen!

We look for partners from any country who can contribute CT scans.
We honor your contribution with free use of the developed tools later on, if you submit at least 10 cases.

Interested? Please fill in our application form below. We will get back to you shortly and provide you with further details. 

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Learn from full DICOM cases of COVID-19 in iQ-4CLOUD


Upload suspected COVID-19 cases

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