Monat: März 2020

UKSH uses MED-TABs to perform remote emergency diagnostics in times of COVID-19

The 2nd largest University Hospital of Germany, UKSH, uses 8 MED-TAB to perform remote emergency diagnostics in the age of COVID-19 disease. MED-TABs are in full operation by radiologists from the University Hospital in Lübeck, keeping themselves and their patients protected while remaining able to work. The world´s only portable diagnostic workstation MED-TAB incl. PORT-RAY…

IMAGE launches the iQ-WEB UPLOADER

IMAGE launches the iQ-WEB UPLOADER to collect various data from COVID-19 hotspots. iQ-WEB UPLOADER allows secure collecting DICOM and non-DICOM data without installation of any software using a new html5 based client server system. Remote specialists can provide on-time remote diagnostics within minutes for hotspots.

5 Coronavirus Priorities

“Imaging is reserved for those cases where it will impact patient management and is clinically indicated or to evaluate for unrelated urgent/emergent indications,” the authors wrote. “In the current workflow and with the accuracy and rapidity of the RT-PCR testing, there is no need for immediate CT imaging.”